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Bonsai Pots

The pot of the bonsai tree is like the frame of a painting. It should add value to the whole, but should not dominate either. It must also meet certain requirements. To start with, the pot should have fairly large drainage holes where the excess water can drain. In addition, good pots also have holes that serve to fix the tree in the pot by wire.

Deciduous trees are almost always kept in glazed pots while conifers in unglazed ones. The height of the pot also depends on the root base of the tree. The shape, oval, round square or rectangular, is rather an aesthetic matter. 

Just as with the trees, one can go quite far in budget when purchasing bonsai pots. Some are made by well-known Japanese ceramists. But one can also buy very cheap and at the same time beautiful pots from bonsai suppliers.

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