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Bernard with wineglass_edited.jpg
This is my tabby cat Mouche

Hello, I'm Bernard.

Name: Bernard Kerkhof (Antronaco)

Place: Aarschot (Belgium)

Studies: Sint Lukas Brussels (Arts)

Date of birth: 26 August 1963

I have 2 cats: Mouche and Pirrewit

I started with Bonsai in 2017

Preferred species: European Spruce

Bonsai Club member at Sazankyanpu


Bonsai, a relaxing hobby but requiring much attention.

I have always been attracted to the art of Bonsai since I was quite young. But it's only since a couple of years ago that I am really busy working with Bonsai. The activity has a relaxing effect on me and that's what really keeps me involved. I also have been fascinated by the English countryside and by its magnificent old trees, from my younger years when I was busy with photography. Unfortunately you do not find many old trees in the Belgium countryside due to a lack of effective nature conservation pre nineties.  So I think I really got interested because of the joy of keeping fully grown trees in a smaller version and not really because of the culture surrounding Bonsai.
Some bonsai trees in a nursery
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