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About BeBonsai

Why this website

Welcome to BeBonsai. In this website only outside bonsai are being discussed (not interior or tropical Bonsai). The reason why I have developed this website in the first place, was to bundle useful information for myself and at the same time share this information with people who are keen to start with this activity. 


I mainly try to give a direction where one can find useful and comprehensible information via the internet and other sources. At the same time I like to  motivate beginners and give them an insight what it involves keeping bonsai .

For a start it can be a therapeutic distraction as it involves many aspects such as pruning, feeding, watering, repotting, wiring, protecting, etc.. These are all activities that are being carried out in the fresh open air and give you green fingers. 

But in a further stage it can also involve other nice activities such as reading books and newsletters, searching the internet, following courses, meeting fellow hobbyists, going to exhibitions, going to plant nurseries,


exchanging information, acquiring trees, travelling, becoming inspired by nature walks, taking pictures of your collection, etc..

As with so many other hobbies one can get as involved as one likes. It's therefore so important to learn and understand the basics.

The history of Bonsai in a nutshell

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