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Fagus Sylvatica

The Acer Palmatum or Japanese Maple is the most popular species for creating deciduous Bonsai trees. At the same time I also find it to be quite a delicate tree. It's very delicate for wiring, for weather and for diseases. But its small leaves makes it ideal for creating a mini tree.

This tree is 19 years old, 54cm's in height and I bought it in a Bonsai nursery in Germany. In fact I bought it blindly because as it was February it didn't had its leaves and I wasn't sure what it would look like with full foliage.

The nice thing about these trees is that the fresh light green leaves change to a bordeaux color when Autumn is approaching.

Every spring I had some problems with aphids that infest the new leaves.  But I found out that spraying a solution of 50% water and vinegar for a couple of times does the trick for getting rid of them.

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